Monday, December 29, 2008

EA Laps

Today was not as warm as yesterday but I got the moto timer out and did 3 laps around EA. 1st was 10 40 2nd was 950 with a jammed chain 3rd 956 Can't wait to use this thing on my dh bike. No major snow in the forecast.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Riding again

The snow 2 feet of snow we received last weekend is gone thanks to 50* and rain. So I went riding this morning. Wasn't bad as slush and dirt combined into a slippery mess. Some spots were better than others, but it was still nice to be on the bike again. Hopefully, it keeps raining so I can ride during the rest of my vacation.

This kid is the MAN

I dunno if any of you guys saw this posted up on NSMB but this is an awesome story about Civil Disobedience. This kid is dedicated to saving the planet 
Heres the article:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

76 and Sunny

I've been down in Flo-Rida for the past couple of days basking in some melanoma rays on the beach. Thats what I was dreaming about while driving down the highway, but really I was just visiting my grandparents. Either way the weather was beautiful and so was the ocean. I'm bored in the airport right now, so I figured I'd post up and give all you New Englanders a little taste of the south. I'm looking forward to the US Open as you can tell by the reflection of my shirt in the picture, hope to see all you guys there. LATER 

Friday, December 26, 2008

When winter comes....

We race in the house!  

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Since I'm sitting here at work with absolutely nothing to do on Christmas Eve I find myself with plenty of time to surf the internet.  I found one picture I found to be quite interesting so here ya go!  Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Longest Night of the Year...

(which is tonight) is also the first night of Chanukah this year!  It snowed a lot and I watched a lot of TV and movies on this fine day.  'Tater Pancakes were consumed (yum) and gifts were received!  A fine day indeed...
Here is to the days getting longer! :

This sucked . . .

So while I am all excited about all the snow lately and the skiing I found out last night that either my bad weather driving skills need some work or my Subaru is not all it's cracked up to be.  I got all dressed up and headed out to my company's fancy Christmas party last night only to lose control of the car about a mile from home.  Oh yeah, went around a corner doing at most 20mph when the car started to slide (drift?? :)  and I proceeded to lose control and shoot off the road in to a ditch.  The good news??  I missed the telephone pole, trees and large rocks by inches all around and both me and the car are perfectly fine!  A wonderful policeman came to my rescue as well as 20 neighbors - these people are definitely not the stereotypical Massholes, thankfully.  I got towed out, went home and sat on the couch watching SNL reruns with a few drinks . . . that was my christmas party.  Be careful driving out there!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Really, Who Throws Shoes?

Old news, but a solid clip.  Not a bad dodge from Shrub, I'l give him that.
What would have happened if the size 10 found its mark?

Whistler Tower Collapse

Apparently a tower holding a gondola partially collapsed at whistler. Luckily no one was hurt

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bump the Jams at Work
I love this site.  

Saturday, December 13, 2008

More Like Freakin' Awesome Jam

Rye Airfield held the Wicked Jam.  Here is the insanity that ensued:,16944/Rye-Airfield-Wicked-Jam-Video,5267/Losey,112

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's in a name?

Scarface was already taken.  

It may be December...

but I'm going riding anyway. Went today. In the snow again. It was sick. XC hardtails rule in a flat boring trail world. CLipless in the snow however do not rule. I'm really conflicted about bringing my dh bike or my new xc bike down to Drummer this weekend. Maybe I'll bring both.TEXAS! Steers and queers is all they have down there, and you ain't got no horns boy.Hopefully it doesn't snow a lot in the next week. Here is a fun looking trail in Germany with snow.

What time is it?

Just thought I would share this what I have been working on this evening/morning and finally finished up at 3:50am:  My self portrait (it has an accompanying essay, but I wont bother you with that).  Basically, I had to come up with a picture that described me and all that stuff.  I am burning out now, so this isnt my strongest piece of writing to date (used up the energy on the final paper!  woo hoo!).  Hope you like it.  Suggestions are welcome b/c I can just jump back into photoshop and make some adjustments...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Droppin' Knowledge

Found this excerpt on in an article.  It is a passage from the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by, T. Harv Eker.  I liked it and found it to be relevant to my life currently, so I thought I would spread the inspiration:

Successful people are willing to promote themselves and their value. Unsuccessful people sometimes think negatively about selling and promotion. Resenting promotion is one of the greatest obstacles to success. People who have issues with selling and promotions are usually broke. It’s obvious, how can you create success in your own business or as a representative of one if you’re not willing to let people know that your product exists. Even as an employee, if you aren’t willing to promote your virtues, someone who is willing to will quickly bypass you up the corporate ladder. Some people have a problem with promotion or sales for several reasons. You may have had a bad experience with someone promoting to you inappropriately. Maybe they were doing the hard sell on you or bothering you at an inopportune time. Maybe they wouldn’t take no for an answer. In any case, it’s important to recognize that this experience is in the past and that holding on to it may not be serving you today. You also may have had a bad experience when you have tried to sell something and that person rejected you. In this case, your distain for promotion is merely a projection of your own fear of failure and rejection. Another factor is that your issue might come from past parental programming. Many of us were told that it is impolite to “toot your own horn.” However, if you live in the real world when it comes to business if you don’t toot your own horn nobody will. Please don’t mistake this for ego. There is a big difference in letting people know what you have done, over egotistically defining yourself by it. Some people feel that promotion is beneath them. If you expect that sponsors will come to you because you are doing so well then you will be waiting for a long time. There are a ton of athletes out there winning races, writing awesome stories and helping others in their sport, and promoting themselves to sponsors; these are the ones who get the jobs.


There is a quote, “build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door.” Well this is only true if you add five words: “if they know about it.” Successful people are almost always excellent promoters. They can and are willing to promote their products and ideas with passion and enthusiasm. They are also skilled at packaging their value in a way that’s extremely attractive. If you think there’s something wrong with that, then let’s ban makeup for women and suits for men as all that is nothing more than “packaging.” If you had a cure for arthritis would you hide it from others because you did not want to promote it? Of course the answer is no. More often then not, people who have a problem with promotion don’t fully believe in their product or don’t fully believe in themselves. If you believe that what you have to offer can truly assist people, then it is your duty to let as many people know about it. You will not only help them you’ll be successful as well!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Freshman Hazing

Thanks to all for welcoming me to the team, I'm stoked to be riding with Drummer. Even though I came into racing mid-season this year, I had a good time ripping with you guys. I've gained a lot of racing experience this season, and more importantly I've been exposed to the nonsense that brews when Cody and Jack are on a lift together (Thanks to a 40 minute lift ride at platty, damn gappers). Big ups to Doug for being my ride for the whole season, CLUTCH. Plus we look like the Giant factory team when we roll up to races, they know we mean business. My results this year can be summed up in one word, consistent. I came in 5th place in every NORBA race I participated in, sick, not. I think my best result was probably my 13th place finish in AM at Highland on Threshold. Sick Course. I also thought Mt. Snow was sick. I'll be heading back home to NYC in a couple of days for winter break, I will definitely post up some DJ pics and whatever else I can find on pinkbike and claim as my own. Go Drummer 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Team Portrait

Drummer Racing!  
(LtoR) Sam, Doug, Zach, Ollie, Cody, Jack, Meredith, Lauren
GE Finals at Platty
(there are a few missing faces, we'll get a more complete one for '09!)


Yeah Zach, this blog is pretty nice!  I am not familiar with the whole blogging thing so if I mess this up in any way I apologize.
2008 was LONG for me pretty much because I started my season on January 13th out in SoCal.  But Fontana went well for me and the only girl who consistently beat me was Claire Buchar so there are no complaints from me regarding that.  But the season really started for me in April when I got my 08 Turner DHR, the best DH bike EVER for a person of my size :)  It served me well with getting 5th at Windham, 6th at Nat'l Champs and that lovely race I did at Snowshoe in WV where I won even after crashing in the first corner.  Needless to say by September I was not having as much fun anymore and that came to a head by October 19th at the Sobe Series Finale.  I promise I will be happier next season hehe.  But after 10 months of racing I was mentally and physically shot.  But I'm sure by April I'll be quite excited to start getting my ass kicked again in pro class.  My plan, as usual, is not to get last :)  

Funeral for

Righty ho racers... I am going to retire the domain name unless I get any takers.... Zach, good move. I like this format a lot betterer. We can work on transferring all of the old photos and vids to here once I get a few nods of approval to cancel the old site.

Last Season In Jr.X

This was indeed my third and final season as a Jr.X racer.  2007 was a great season, the only blemish being injury.  But in terms of results it definitely set a new standard that I had to meet.  2008 started off with a visit out to Sea Otter where I was able to see what the industry is really like when it is running full tilt (NORBA Nationals at Mount Snow are not much to compare by).  Suffice to say it was interesting, but unless it is required of me, I will stick to starting the season in May, not April.  Plattekill was the first race on the East with the Jr. World's qualifier.  4th was a good place to start the season off.  From that point on it was race mode.  Highlights include 3rd in AM DH and 2nd in DS at the US Open, a hat trick of wins mid season (Diablo, Platty, Windham), 2nd at Whiteface and then 1st overall in the Sobe Series and 2nd overal in the Gravity East Series, both in Jr.X.  The courses this year were all awesome, the highlight results being on the most fun of the bunch.  With good comes bad, and the bad this season was flatting at Nat'ls at Mount Snow (course was BA though) and then breaking my hand on Sept 28th.  I was able to finish the season and hold my series titles, but it wasnt quite what I had in mind.  All in all '08 was awesome and one of, if not, the best yet.  Next season I am looking to make the jump up to the Pro ranks and run in the Big Show.  For now it is all about training and recovery in the off season.  Off to the gym I go! 


2008 was an up and down year for me. With o.k. results in 2007 ( I was looking to get o.k. results consistently in o8 and qualify at the US Open. The first race of the year at Platty was a promising start to the season. But mechanicals and injuries were a constant interruption this year. I became very familiar with the inner workings of a fox 40 and my left ankle. Racing was less than great, I had few solid races but nothing spectacular. 2007 was a better racing season. Whiteface was awesome just a lot of fun. So was the new National Champs course @ Mt. Snow. The Pats Peak race course was also tits. It rode a lot like Drummer did. Riding on the other hand was a blast.Drummer blew up in April thanks to Steve, Doug and Sam's crew. Lots of new stuff out there. Killington was as swamp for most of July. I think Kmart had dusty conditions maybe twice there this year. Several trips to Bromont, Whiteface and Highlands rounded out the season. Got my $ worth from Kmart. Place is sick. Late fall marked the first annual Pumpkinfest Invatational on Drummer. It was a blast. Everyone is looking forward to doing it again in the spring. Steve hooked it up with a xc trail bike. Vintage 90s v- brakes, xtr, raceface. I threw on a stumpy stem, pair of riser bars and whoa i got a hardtail. = fun easy trails cease to be easy. my dh bike will be pissed. 2009 Norba restructed its shit. Cat 1 or Pro ? Don't know yet.


Testing one,, two.
Okay good.  
First post of the new site.  There is a lot planned for this space on the interweb, so stay tuned to see what happens!