Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I made a" headlock" for my cranks because that plastic lock nut is stripped and won't tighten down the crank completely. It is sick and my crank hasn't backed off at all . Prior to this mod it was backing off after riding for about 60 secs. 8"x3/8" bolt course thread cut to about 6.5" $1.42 washer $.09 3/8 nut course thread $.12 cranks that didn't come off after 2 hours of riding don't know cause i hate math. The Demo 8 makes Drummer Hill a brand new place suddenly the trails got faster.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011 Set Up

Testing and setting up the new bikes requires that we hike through snow in order to find the dirt...
With new berms and jumps on the powerlines, Drummer Hill continues to evolve in order to meet the community's training needs. Massive and technical XC loops? No problem. Natural DH terrain to hone ninja skills? No Problem. Initial Demo 8 impressions include - awesome, grounded, light and stable. Finally starting to get the hang of it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oliver's Final South American Entry. "The best 4 weeks of my life."

I leave for Argentina – a new country to check off my list. It has rained a ton recently in Peru – in fact it has rained so much that on the morning of my departure an eighth mile section of road about one mile out of town (the only road into my town) has completely fallen 50 feet down into the river below; it no longer exists. Glad I was not on it at the time. Got a nice routine going - make it to Cusco, hit up the market for some new flip flops, hit up my favorite Indian Buffet, then off to the Indigo Lounge for pisco happy hour drinks before my 9:30 bus to La Paz, Bolivia..... and more.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 Season Update March 18th

In addition to 661/Sunline/One Industries, and Wilson Orthodontics the big "S" Specialized Bicycles, hooked up Drummer Racing via old roots at Andy's Cycle. We are excited to have such a diverse group of supporters and look forward to representing them in 2011. Thanks Everyone!! TJ, Sam, Doug, Oliver, Zach and myself will all be ripping on the Demo 8 for 2011. Also dirt has begun to show up with the new Demo 8's so that is cool. Drummer Racing Plans to attend the following events: 2011 U.S. Open - Select Pro GRT Races Eastern States Cup Gravity East Series