Saturday, April 30, 2011

Drummer Invitational Race - Official Results Are In!

Today's Drummer Invitational Race was a success! Podiums for Phil, Zach and Oliver. Broke in our newest trail, Sacrifice, and good riding had by all. BIg ups to Wink and Sarah for timing, Stacy for the cookies and all our fans for drinking beer. Full race results can be seen by clicking "here". Last year's Invitational Race results can be viewed by clicking "here". Please note that start and finish line locations may vary from race to race.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Best Dirt On Earth

Today I rode some of the best dirt ever. Not in Peru, Bolivia, the west coast; right here on Drummer Hill. Heavy thundershowers all afternoon with warm humid air made for incredible evening loamy riding.
Put about 5 hours on the Demo now - I am absolutely thrilled. This bike rips in every aspect. Although I have been pad-less and not going full on, I am definitely riding sections of drummer faster than I ever have in my life. Specifically parts of double drop (the drops) and definitely the rock gardens in threader. *The bike seems to float and hold speed amazingly.* Lost control with some of this new found speed at the end of the main threader rock garden and hit a tree head on bending either my bars or stem. Re-egged my knee.
I have noticed that due to the past few months of traveling my stamina and fitness are certainly not where I would like but I am still incredibly antsy and excited fir the race season to start. Sam put it well, riding these bikes is comparable to an addictive drug. I feel 2011 will be a big year for the members of Drummer, excited to see some pretty big improvements in times and race performance.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Racing Starts

  • In case you haven't heard the annual Drummer Race will be held in 1 week on April 30.
  • Sam currently holds the Voodoo, John Westland (Ford Motors) holds the gold guy and Zach is still hangin with J.C.
  • Race Courses t.b.a. soon... Zach and Sam's trail is in for sure, other candidates include jump, threader, clay corners, maybe powerlines or double drop.
  • May 14 is the 2nd Round of the Pro GRT at Highland Mountain Bike Park then the 3rd Round at Plattekill leading into the U.S. Open. June features the Eastern States Cup at Mt Snow and the NH State Champs @ Attitash and Pats Peak.