Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy Week

Sick ride last tuesday on Drummer with Oliver. Clay Corners was running around like a "dog with two D!cks" as Rob Warner would say. XC was delayed by rain. Saturday A.M. ripped up threader some but not before threader ripped into my chain guide. Monday brought BV laps with ZFaulk it was wet but not really. Still getting used to the new bike when it gets out of control and not hitting the brakes. If the weather holds up more xc and BV before heading off to Plattekill for Eastern States Cup #4 with Zach and Meredith. Plattekill always delivers.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Attitash ESC #3 NH State Finals

The first 1/3 of the season has vanished in the last 5 weeks. ProGurts @Highland- Plattekill, U.S. Open and the first 3 rounds of the Eastern States Cup . Right now we head into a break for some recuperation but first .... results Attitash in the Whites of N.H. held the final round for the N.H. State Champs and 3rd round of the E.S.C. First off this track was awesome and had everything a dh race course should have. High speed ski slope, wide taped woods roots rocks with tons of flow and doubles. The weather created some of the best dirt I've seen lately. Rained some a Friday into Saturday. Sunday was mint. Colman took another 2nd place on the day despite 2 crashes and finished 2nd for Cat 2 juniors N.H. State Champs. Meanwhile Doug finished 4th on the day beating Colman 2/3 this year ( 1 sec from 3rd) and 3rd for Cat 1 40+ N.H. State Champs. Oliver put down another mid pack finish 9/16. I placed 7/14 with a good run but again off the win by a lot. Had a blast on a sick course all weekend. Eastern States Cup heads home to Plattekill for round #4 for July 2nd and 3rd.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

ESC #2 Pats Peak / NH Stats Champs #1

Pats Peak was a great race and very tricky. Considering the rain and traffic the course held up pretty well. It was wide with a variety of different lines NOT to take. It was hard. From Saturday on it rained through Sunday morning then stopped. Colman is on a roll with his 2nd podium appearance. Meredith hit the deck first thing Sunday morning and again in 2nd race run but it was only a few bruised fingers and jammed ligaments. For such a tech track in bad conditions Mer rode great and tested things out 3/3. Oliver piloted his way to 8/13 for solid result in a competitive Pro field. Doug (finished 6/8) and I were off the pack respectively. I've never been of fan of two run format races. First run was solid & under control maybe a little slow but placed me decent. Got hosed as my second run was better then worse then sloppy. I lost a second while my competition picked up time and stayed on the bike so I finished 15/22. Results Attitash is up next as Doug, Oliver and I head to the White Mountains for the NH State Finals ESC #3.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eastern States Cup #1 @ Mt Snow Results

Eastern States Cup race #1 heads to Mt Snow as part of the VT State Champs Series and Eastern States Cup. Camper compound moved to Mt Snow for the weekend. Great weather and a fast and flow course with some skinny bridges mixed in also. It was dry and stayed dry through Sunday. I can't remember that last time that happened. There were some serious gnats out there eating riders alive. Colman got a "W"1/2 , Doug beat Colman by the skin of his teeth and pulled 4/12 in a competitive 40+ cat 1 class. Mer survived her first Mt Snow experience and learned a lot 4/4. My run was crap and way back 15/25 (I'm not pedaling anymore). Oliver held his own on a long and pedal heavy course with a 10/12. The ESC Nema team Challenge also began it is going to be tight down to the wire I think in October. Results: