Monday, July 18, 2011

MT Snow VT Finalsand Attitash

  • These two mountains have really stepped up to the ESC plate this year and each delivered a great race track. It is nice to get such great racing on fun courses. MT Snow really did a good job on this last one. High speed slick rock to 75% woods and tons of real dirt, lots of fun corners and some other shit.
  • Mt Snow continues to step their game up to close out the VT State Champs. With a track the was described by Phil Kmetz as a "mini saint anne" half of this was fresh stuff combined with previous parts from earlier 2011 events. Mt Snow has made serious effort the past 2 or 3 years and they are gaining on the competition

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Plattekill Race Report

  • This weekend's race was both a celebration of Independence Day and a memorial for Stephen Porraro, who passed away of a heart attack much too young. Although I'm too new to the sport to have known Steve, it was good to get out there and show support to his friends and brother, as well as to a community he was deeply ingrained in.
  • It was said that Stephen was crucial in cutting trails on the double chair side of the mountain, and I was not disappointed. Saturday showed us tons of sunshine and dry conditions on a track that was steep and super loose, with some chutes and lots of open slope to woods turns lower down. It was hard to resist cranking out runs through the jungle.
  • Eric and crew kept in Platty tradition with an impressive fireworks show, and rumor has it Lauren Daney shot one of the Syron boys in the mouth with a large firework. Not sure.
  • Sunday we woke up to rain, which had everyone hopping to test the track under the new conditions. Some of us found ourselves in the huge lightning cloud that rolled in, which delayed practice and left the track a combination of splash, slick and sticky by afternoon. The thunder rolled out just long enough to get everyone through race runs, although few people can claim crashless finishes. Jack with 3:03, Zach with a 3:14, and Meredith with a 4:41.
  • Drummer Racing managed the weekend relatively injury-free, but with Cat 2 riders stepping it up to the more challenging track and the general gnar of Splatterkill Hill, a few ambulances were spotted on the access road. Our stongest healing vibes go out to those injured, with wishes for speedy recoveries.
  • Huge, enormous thanks to the guys of Generation Gap Racing for the use of their spare EZ-Up tent all weekend. We're neither sunburned nor soaked as a result and are truly grateful for the generosity.
  • July promises another Mount Snow, another Plattekill and a much anticipated Killington race as the Eastern States Cup Series continues. Until then, drying & cleaning soggy gear.